It Identifies Intellectual Property Abusers And Elavates Your Brand Marketing Efforts. To see how Watch The Video.

Why is it important to secure your brand?

The value of trade in counterfeit and pirated goods could reach $991 Billion by 2022
Source: Frontier Economic

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Online Brand Protection

We not only monitor for trademark violations but also respond to deliberate acts of infringement by working with enforcement agencies to stop the person(s) or company causing the piracy and shut them down.
Here’s how we’ll protect you.

  • Trademark Protection
  • Copyright Protection
  • DMCA Take Down Notices
  • Search Engine Delisting
  • Piracy Detection Monitoring
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DMCA Takedown Tool

Take complete control of your brand violators with SUEVIO’s easy-to-use dashboards and eliminate trademark theft by sending quick DMCA complaints.

  • DMCA experts to manage your account for better performance.
  • Option of sending second DMCA in case there is no action from violators.
  • Provision of legal consultation and assistance on demand.
  • You get 3 FREE DMCAs per trademark registration.
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